Farm Direct Meats

We take pride in our high quality, flavorful meat that is very nutrient dense.

If you are interesting in an item that is not on the list, please feel free to contact us.

Place an order on our “ORDER” page, email, call, or visit the farm store.

Grass-Fed/Grass-Finished Beef– Raised on a rotational grazing system and supplemented with high quality minerals and supplements

Pastured Pork- Heritage breeds raised on pasture and supplemented local grains that transitional organic and they are soy-free and corn-free

Free-Range/Pastured Chickens- Raised on pastured and free to roam- these are some happy chickens! The majority of their feed is fermented, and it is all transitional organic as well soy-free and corn-free

Free-Range/Pastured Ducks- Raised on pastured and free to roam. Their feed is transitional organic and soy-free and corn free

2024 Farm Pick Up Pricing Per Pound (Unless Marked)


  • Pork Chops $10
  • Ground Pork $8
  • Deli Ham (Cooked, Uncured, Smoked) $10/Pack
  • Bacon (Uncured Smoked) $12/Pack
  • Jowl Bacon (Uncured Smoked) $12/Pack
  • Flavored Brats: Onion & Leek, Italian, Jalapeño Cheddar  $9/Pack
  • Brats $9/package
  • Hotdogs (Cooked Uncured Cheddar) $9/Pack
  • Kielbasa-( Cooked, Uncured) $10/Pack
  • Chorizo $9/Pack
  • Breakfast Sausage Links $9/Pack 
  • Half Pig $5/per pound hanging weight + processing ($300 deposit)
  • Whole Pig $4.50/per pound hanging weight + processing ($300 deposit)


  • Ground Beef $8
  • 20# Ground Beef $150
  • Stew Meat $9/Pack
  • Kabob Meat $9/Pack
  • Roast $9  
  • T-Bone $21 
  • Tenderloin $25 
  • Sirloin $15 
  • Ribeye $17
  • New York Strip $20
  • Summer Sausage (Smoked, Uncured- App. 1.5#) $17
  • Organs & Bones $5/Pound
  • Half Beef $5/pound hanging weight + processing ($300 deposit)


  • Whole Chicken $5.75
  • 8 Piece $6.25
  • Organs/Feet/Necks $5
  • 10 Pack Whole Chicken-  .25 off per pound
  • 20 Pack Whole Chickens- .50 off per pound


  • Whole Duck $10
  • Organs/Feet/Necks $5


Prices are subject to change