Our Animals

We work hard at Gray Duck Farms to raise our animals humanly and allowing them to have a high quality of life. All of our animals are treated with love, dignity and respect.


We raise Scottish Highlander and Highlander cross cows. They are a very hardy animal and love lush pastures. They produce a marbled lean meat. The cows are NOT fed grain or corn. They are only on pasture and supplemented hay in the winter. We use high quality minerals and supplements as well.


We raise heritage breed pigs on rotating pastures. The meat will NOT be “The other white meat”. Instead it will be a nice red color and look more like a beef steak. The flavor is amazing! Our pigs are encouraged to forage and are fed very little grain and supplemented with high quality minerals. They are also fed produce, fermented grains, milk, and kefir when available.


We raise Cornish-cross chickens during the summer months. The chickens are free ranged in the pasture. They are fed a well balanced feed that is transitional organic, free of soy and corn. They also get produce when available and supplements such as garlic, apple cider vinegar, and oregano.


We raise Pekin and  Muscovy ducks for meat. The meat is dark, and full of flavor. Ducks are great foragers and they free range around the pastures and the farm.